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Sex for married - introduction

  • Introduction 

Married or long term couples come sooner or later to an deadend in their sex life, if you are in this stage, do not worry, You can find help and advice on this blog. This blog is not written exclusively for couples heteroxessuais, my experiences based on all kinds of couples.

Hi my name is Joan am married woman with 2 children, I am couple counseling with over 12 years experience,I created this blog to help and share experiences from couples with difficulties with their sexual life.You can ask me for free advice through my email, I will try to answer the maximum possible, if you want me to follow up your case deeper, consult me for prices, but the main reason this blog is not to make money but to share my experience with you all, I will write from time to time articles related to the topic sex for married, and will expose some cases in a  simplified way.

Let's start with some basic ideas:

Please do not confuse love with sex , this is the kind of mistake you make in teenage years 
your wife or your husband may still love you but she or he can be  boring of  have sex with you or you can be boring of having sex with your couple, is a natural phenomenon don't worry.

Women have to understand at least one thing, that is, there are no enchanted princes , men are beings guided by testosterone and of course they are imperfect for many other reasons more 
Men have to understand that it's a matter of time to get bored of having sex with someone else. Is for these simple reasons that it is important to invest in  rediscover a new sexuality between you and your couple.

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