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Communication in Marriage

  • Communication in Marriage
Before talking about sex let's start by talking about communication.

We  all have to realize that men and women are not equal, mainly because we have different hormones controling our behavior, this is an undeniable fact,

Communication between couples is not limited only to speak, body language also plays an important role  in this game.

But First let's start with oral communication 

There are five levels of oral  communication:

  1.  CLICHES - Typical, routine, of repeated comments, questions and answers given out of habit and with no real forethought or genuine intent. "How are you?" "Fine." "Having a good day?" "Yes."
  2. FACTS - Information/Statistics about the weather, the office, friends, the news, personal activities, etc. Requires no in depth thinking or feeling.
  3.  OPINIONS - Includes  expectations, concerns, personal goals, dreams, and desires. Due to differences of opinion that naturally arise between two people, especially between men and women, this is typically the level at which we run into the "wall of conflict."
  4. FEELINGS - Having gone through the "wall of conflict" via applying the communication skills following, you both feel safe to share your deepest emotions.
  5. NEEDS - The deepest level of communication and intimacy where you feel completely safe to reveal your unique needs with each other. Truly, unless needs are known and met, a couple will remain "strangers."

The first thing to do is do a little analysis of the level of daily conversation you have with your

For example, if your  daily conversation is little more than CLICHES you need to start investing in the nest type of communication, in this case FACTS, if you daily conversation is at the FACTs zone you need to start to go to OPINIONS and so on.

this is the first thing you need to invest time, as this will help strengthen your relationship.

Is very common there is a communication problem between men and women in the area of FEELING, This is because men and women naturally react differently, while the man when love,  just love and is just it, women have a tendency to use the brain and try to apply a rational logic of love,
this can often give the wrong impression that the man is not interested in the relationship.

men love with the heart woman with the brains 

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